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About Us

Water Works Express is a privately owned company operating car washes in North and Central Texas since 1991. Built on principles of work ethic, personal and professional excellence, and continuous improvement, we envision continued sustainable growth without compromising quality.

  • Investing in leading-edge equipment and the development of exceptional employees enables us to deliver a superior customer experience and finished product.

Water Works executive leadership team supports development by building performance and professional capabilities of all employees. Our work holistically enables employees to gain knowledge, master skills, and sustain desired behavior change.

Development is a vital part of Water Works’ culture.

Interesting Conservation Facts

  • Automatic car washes use less water than the majority of businesses in the community.
  • Professional car washes use less than .2% of the municipal water supply.
  • Water Works Express’ Water Reclaim System captures, cleans, and recycles water, protecting the environment by preventing harmful pollutants from entering streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  • Water Works Express recycles 80% of water used in the car wash process.
  • Professional automatic tunnel car washing uses substantially less water than do-it-yourself driveway car washing.